Memories…and MORE!

Not so much a memory – as it is – reality. Where are you & how did you get there? Long story, short – we left NY in 2000, following the sale of my husband’s business, in search of a more ‘tax-friendly’ state. We found ourselves on the Colorado River, in Arizona, but decided it was too hot. With a hop, skip & a jump, we were in the cool, Red Rocks of Sedona, where we are – to this very day!

Follow this thread & fill us in a little on the past 50 years!

20 thoughts on “Memories…and MORE!

  1. Tolentine Dances were well known throughtout the Bronx for having the best music to dance to, and the best looking people to dance with 😊. Great memories we hope to recreate the night of Sept. 12th & get everyone up on the dance floor.

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    1. Hope this is the right spot for music suggestions. How about: Slow Down- Young Rascals, House of the Rising Sun- The Animals (Slow Dance!!!!), Wooly Bully- Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs.

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  2. Anyone remember running across the street to Harry’s for a quick smoke on our lunch breaks? Thanks to Kathy M. & Peggy C. for always being generous & sharing their cigarettes. Surprised nuns never commented, our uniforms must have smelled of smoke.


  3. The Shape I’m In-The Band…Spirit in the Sky-Norman Greenbaum…Lola-The Kinks…Knock on Wood-Eddie Floyd…Hold On,I’m Comin-Sam and Dave…Gimme Some Lovin-Spencer Davis Group…Mustang Sally-Wilson Pickett…Joy to the World-Three Dog Night…Life is a Carnival-The Band…New Morning-Bob Dylan


  4. Okay. After 50 years, how about Time Has Come Today by the Chambers Brothers, My Back Pages by Bob Dylan (which has the lyrics “I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now” ) but not When I’m 64 because we will all be around 68.


  5. When we were young our elders told us “Life is Short”. They were right. I am stunned at how fast the last 50 years went. Always so busy doing the next right thing. It has been a good life and looking forward to reconnecting with my SNT classmates.


  6. Martin Tate

    After Tolentine I gradated from Fordham University, was selected into AT&T’s Leadership Development Program, married Janice my high school sweet heart, built a new house in Morristown, New Jersey, and raised two (2) handsome and healthy boys. From the beginning, our life was on the fast track, with me completing an MBA in the evening and climbing the AT&T corporate ladder during the day. Our lives moved ahead full speed with hardly a minute to spare. For Janice, it was raising the boys, diapers, baby sitters, and maintaining a home. For me, it was long hours, business lunches, negotiating contracts, establishing business relationships and international business travel all over the world as AT&T’s Vice President, International Business Relations. The demands were great, the rewards were great and life was good.

    After the U.S. Justice Department break-up of Ma Bell I left AT&T after 15 years and along with several other AT&T executives joined the Sprint Corporation as their Vice President, International Business Relations and started to build a new telephone company to compete with AT&T, relocated briefly to San Francisco, California and Kansas City, Kansas before returning to the east coast, building a new house and settling in Fairfax, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, DC, which is where I live today After 15 years with the Sprint Corporation I joined British Telecom the telephone company in Great Britain as their Vice President & General Manager BT North America in Reston, Virginia for 5 years. After retiring from the telecommunication industry I spent the last 5 years as a high school History and Social Studies Teacher at Fairfax County Public Schools trying to give back by sharing my knowledge and experience with the next generation.

    I enjoy reading, especially John Grisham novels. I love travel, sports, and outdoor activities, eating out, theatre and cinema, and going to the gym three times a week. I love music in most forms, especially live music and dancing, especially to Motown, Soul, R&B and Disco. And of course, I need an active and adventurous sex life, don’t we all?

    Some music suggestions would be:

    Knock on Wood by Eddie Floyd or Amii Stewart

    A few good one by Lionel Richie
    Endless Love
    Three Times A Lady
    All Night Long
    Dancing on the Ceiling
    She’s A Brick House (Commodores)
    Just to Be Close to You (Commodores)

    Any good disco dance music by
    Bee Gees
    Donna Summer
    Earth Wind & Fire
    Michael Jackson
    Barry White
    The Tramps

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    1. Hi Marty, looks like you’ve had a successful and fulfilling life. Glad you will be joining us. I enjoy hearing about everyone’s accomplishments after we left the SNT neighborhood. Looking forward to sharing many old (but still funny after all these years) stories and new ones as well!

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  7. Hi Marty, I’m glad the group located you. Been a long time since we ran the Cross Country trails together. Looking forward to seeing you at the reunion.
    Steve Rolston

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  8. Judy kindly asked me to help out with tracking down some of the boys school class of 70. I found that she and Rita already had it well covered. It has been gratifying to re-connect after 50 years. After my sheltered childhood of waling to High School and walking to college. Lehman College, no dorms of course, my days at Lehman opened a vast new world.
    Used my college radio and communications major experience and became a professional DJ from 1975 to 1993. Married my sister’s friend and SNT classmate, Patty Dennery (class of 74) in October 1978. Still enjoying family and music (or is it music and family?) as we approach 42 years married, living the past 34 years in Baldwin, We love the hundred miles of beach available to us from Long Beach to Montauk. And of course the wine on the North Fork.
    Patty is a nurse. ER for 15 years before she slowed down.

    I landed in reinsurance and stayed from June 1977 to February 28, 2020, nearly 43 years. Visited Asia on business 92 times, with 91 of those trips to Tokyo. Plus, various points across Asia. Doubt that I had as many miles as Pilot Tommy McManamy or AT&T International traveler Marty Tate but made the 1,000,000 mile club with United. Nice for a sheltered kid who walked to college.

    I became a long distance bicycle rider. Biked from Jackson Heights to Fair Haven Vermont (252 miles in three days) in 1997. Biked from Baldwin to a camping trip on the Delaware River in 1998 at Skinners Falls in 1998. Biked to Montauk twice (112 miles) and biked across North Carolina on the popular CNC ride in 2006 with my sister one year after my open heart surgery where they repaired a leaking mitral valve.

    How to take a snapshot of 50 years since graduation? Add in a son age 39, who is a professional drummer and a Dad of two. And a daughter, 37, who has three little ones. Patty and I love being grandma and grandpa now. Those kids keep us entertained. They will tell you, I’m still pretty good at tag. Perhaps if we get tired of dancing to the great music we enjoyed in our high school days (remember when they installed a juke box for us?!?), we can have a game of round up tag or ringalevio at the Marriott. They won’t know what to do with us, since the Tolentine crew always knew how to party.

    Looking forward to catching up with you.

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  9. Another, WOW! You guys are awesome; such a boring life I lead & you’re making me feel so lazy, Steve – all that biking!?! I’m lucky to get on my stationary bike & go 2 miles at a time!
    I’ll have to fill you in on my last 50 years at the reunion…See you in September!


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